Who Runs the Shop?

Jeanne-Marie Byington Photo

Jeanne-Marie Byington

Jeanne-Marie Byington, president, is an award-winning public relations and marketing consultant with experience in both major and moderate sized public relations agencies. She has directed successful PR campaigns for international corporations, family-owned businesses, associations and startups.

A former magazine editor—Art & Antiques—Jeanne was given an Honorary Recognition Award by the International Furnishings and Design Association [IFDA], an IFDA Circle of Excellence Award in the public relations/advertising category and was the only public relations person named one of the “Women of the Year” by Wallcoverings, Windows & Interior Fashion magazine.

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Good service is one of Jeanne’s lifelong passions. Service is the topic of her blog, “The Importance of Earnest Service.” It can make or break any company. She’ll cover lessons learned and observed from the superlative to the neglectful and she welcomes others’ experiences as well. Go to blog.jmbyington.com. leaf

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