What Distinguishes J M Byington & Associates From Other Public Relations and Communications Agencies?

  • Every client receives the personal attention of the firm’s principal.
  • Only seasoned professionals with at least 10 years of experience work on an account. All have a history of success. There are no beginners.
  • Jeanne Byington writes or edits/rewrites every feature or photo caption before a client sees it.
  • Flexibility. If a client changes the thrust of a marketing initiative mid-year, the agency digests the elements and adjusts the program accordingly.
  • The agency has never
    • Missed a deadline — a client’s or the media’s
    • Gone over budget without prior client approval

“The agency becomes an adjunct to your business that will make you proud. We produce clear, vivid copy and share spot-on ideas and solutions that support your marketing programs and challenges. Because we are passionate about accuracy, ethics, and service, the media feels it can rely on and trust us.”

- Jeanne-Marie Byington, President

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