Case Histories

This case study illustrates how the agency has addressed a public relations, communications and/or marketing challenge — but it’s just a highlight. Every company and circumstance is different and that knowledge — coupled with our experience — helps guide us to recommend the most effective solutions. To read the other case histories, please click a green title on the left of the screen.

Establishing the Approach You Want

Before anything else, we do our homework. We steep ourselves in a company and its products, focusing on benefits and challenges, studying pertinent materials as well as what the competition has to say. Then we ask questions.

For clients not certain about how best to express their marketing approach, whether in a letter, a press release or marketing materials, our solution is simple. We listen and then draft copy or propose a strategy to implement their objectives.

This is often the easiest way to clarify and confirm whether or not what we’ve written or said is what you want. If not, it’s usually a simple fix, and we’re off and running.

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