Case Histories

This case study illustrates how the agency has addressed a public relations, communications and/or marketing challenge — but it’s just a highlight. Every company and circumstance is different and that knowledge — coupled with our experience — helps guide us to recommend the most effective solutions. To read the other case histories, please click a green title on the left of the screen.

Placing New or Unknown Companies/Products in the Media’s Line of Vision

It’s stimulating to launch a company with fresh vision, innovative products and/or a new marketing approach. The hitch: Unless the product you are selling is truly unique, don’t count on the media to drop everything to cover it.

We took a classic approach to introduce a designer/manufacturer of fine china and luxury home accessories to the media using:

  • Vivid press materials
  • Vibrant photography
  • Vigorous personal follow-up both before and after twice-yearly major New York and regional gift show markets.

By the third New York market, key editors were asking the agency for previews of this client’s intros.

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