Case Histories

This case study illustrates how the agency has addressed a public relations, communications and/or marketing challenge — but it’s just a highlight. Every company and circumstance is different and that knowledge — coupled with our experience — helps guide us to recommend the most effective solutions. To read the other case histories, please click a green title on the left of the screen.

Introducing Products in Mature Categories

What’s new? That’s what the press and its readers want to know.

And what if your product introductions or marketing initiatives are not drop-dead innovative, high tech, time or lifesaving, visually or viscerally exciting? We identify and promote what is special and newsworthy about them.

Hooked on Visibility

We romanced a family of self-stick plastic devices, making them credible to the home design, shelter and women’s interest media as well as TV news audiences, helping to create a strategic brand for a Fortune 100 corporation. The products looked standard, but the adhesive was innovative. We introduced the line to the Good Housekeeping Institute and the series was selected as a Good Housekeeping Good Buy award winner. During the five-year program, even magazines such as House Beautiful turned to the products for editorial projects. We generated multi-millions of impressions yearly.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose—Or is it?

Each of the new collections of a client’s moderate and value-priced wallpapers looked similar, featuring familiar rose and peony primary patterns that were practically indistinguishable from one collection to another or from patterns available in other wallpaper books.

To achieve buzz, we promoted:

  • A pattern, color or style by finding a high fashion, high visibility equivalent from Paris, New York or Milan runways
  • Creative decorating suggestions from interior decorators that fit the motifs—such as how best to design with stripes
  • The striking effect achieved by a pattern due to a printing technique
  • Timesaving wallpaper installation tips

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