The Agency

J M Byington & Associates, Inc., founded in 1996, is based on what Jeanne Byington calls the Beehive Concept to provide streamlined, efficient and impactful service for clients. Specialists maintain independent business cells and group together to produce effective, targeted programs. Because the agency contracts projects to public relations specialists, advertising agencies, graphic artists, video producers and others, depending on each client’s needs, the alliances are fluid and economically effective.

Along with press releases and fact sheets, we write speeches, video scripts, brochures, catalogs, sales and marketing materials, web and feature copy and we direct photography—both still and B-Roll for video/satellite media tours. In addition, we produce press and special events, interface with editors and we provide marketing know-how and creative idea sharing. leaf

“Our expert sets of eyes and ears are always on the lookout for ideas and pertinent news relating to your business. We also give you a fresh perspective on your marketing and communications initiatives. Plus, our enthusiasm is contagious—all bonuses.”

- Jeanne-Marie Byington, President

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